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Wendan's Dan Morris is a columnis for PEX and a webinar host for ABPMP.


Dan's columns and papers can be found through the main PEX website and his webinars can be found through the ABPMP website.

To find out more about the services we offer, please call +1 630-290-4858 or send us an email at daniel.morris@wendan-consulting.com.


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Wendan Consulting has just become a Trisotech business partner.  See the news and evants tab.

We are excited to announce the ADDI (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement) BPM/BPMS Methodology. 


ADDI is the first and only formal iBPM project execution and orchestration methodology.


With over 1,500 formal tasks, ADDI is ready to help with the tough business transformation projects.  ADDI is also fleixible and adjustable - by removing tasks it can be customized to eliminate unneeded work and guide smaller business improvement projects.  If you need consistency, governance and reduced risk, ADDI is for you.


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Reducing BPMS/BPM Project Risk



The first Wagile  based, tool box, BPMS supported BPM project methodology

Architect, Design, Deploy, Improve





Leveraging the Wagile Approach and Tool Box Methodology Concept

Wagile is a hybrid approach to BPMS/BPM that combines the best of Waterfall and Agile methodologies to deliver advanced BPMS project control while offering extreme flexibility. When combined, the hybrid approach offers best of both worlds.  

A “Tool Box Methodology” is a methodology that is designed to allow project teams to pick from a comprehensive set of tools that they can use as needed. This provides flexibility and eliminates the need to perform unnecessary tasks – just because they are in the methodology.

ADDI, is the first formal BPMS/BPM methodology that mixes the most useful concepts of both Waterfall and Agile method (Wagile ) approaches to provide both the control and flexibility needed to deliver consistently successful BPMS/BPM project outcomes. Built for highly complex, mission critical projects, ADDI leverages a “tool box” methodology structure to allow managers to quickly adjust tasks. In this way the methodology provides the needed control and consistency for both the tough projects and the small business improvement projects. Simply use the parts of the methodology you need to provide control and outcome consistency. But, ADDI doesn’t stop with providing outcome control and consistency. Special techniques are built in to reduce risk through iteration and simulation testing to ensure that all targets are met and that the solution is optimal in the eyes of those who will need to use it.



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