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Wendan's Dan Morris is a columnis for PEX and a webinar host for ABPMP.


Dan's columns and papers can be found through the main PEX website and his webinars can be found through the ABPMP website.

To find out more about the services we offer, please call +1 630-290-4858 or send us an email at daniel.morris@wendan-consulting.com.


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Wendan Consulting has just become a Trisotech business partner.  See the news and evants tab.

We are excited to announce the ADDI (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement) BPM/BPMS Methodology. 


ADDI is the first and only formal iBPM project execution and orchestration methodology.


With over 1,500 formal tasks, ADDI is ready to help with the tough business transformation projects.  ADDI is also fleixible and adjustable - by removing tasks it can be customized to eliminate unneeded work and guide smaller business improvement projects.  If you need consistency, governance and reduced risk, ADDI is for you.


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What Makes ADDI Different?


ADDI Features:

  • First BPM methodology that takes a business perspective – not a technology perspective


  • Over 1,000 tasks in 7 phases to choose from – comprehensive experience based list of business transformation and improvement tasks to help direct and govern all sizes of improvement and transformation projects; everything is considered – nothing is forgotten


  • Tool Box methodology – use only the tasks, accelerators, and templates you need to manage each project and control risk; avoid unnecessary work - from the comprehensive list of project tasks, pick only what you need for each project


  • A blending of multiple disciplines – leverages considerations and thus tasks from Business Architecture, Process Architecture, Process Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Performance Management, Application Development and Change Management


  • Easy project plan creation – built in Microsoft Project with imbedded notes – delete the tasks you don’t need and you are left with a formal project plan


  • 40 plus accelerators to jump start your activity in performing tasks


  • 60 templates for deliverables to provide the foundation for the project’s products


  • 270 plus page “how to book” supporting the activity in the tasks


  • Automated project estimation tool tied to the ADDI task groups and hot linked into the Microsoft Project tasks for ease of access and modification


  • Hyperlinks imbedded in the Microsoft Project task groups allow you to jump to “how to” guidance, accelerators, templates, project estimation, company standards, and more; all the information a BPMS/BPM team needs is only a click away over the hot links


  • Leverages BPMS application generation, iteration and simulation capabilities to virtually ensure project success


The result is approach consistency and improved outcome quality.  

This equals lower risk, better solutions, and improved acceptance.


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