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Wendan's Dan Morris is a columnis for PEX and a webinar host for ABPMP.


Dan's columns and papers can be found through the main PEX website and his webinars can be found through the ABPMP website.

To find out more about the services we offer, please call +1 630-290-4858 or send us an email at daniel.morris@wendan-consulting.com.


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Wendan Consulting has just become a Trisotech business partner.  See the news and evants tab.

We are excited to announce the ADDI (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement) BPM/BPMS Methodology. 


ADDI is the first and only formal iBPM project execution and orchestration methodology.


With over 1,500 formal tasks, ADDI is ready to help with the tough business transformation projects.  ADDI is also fleixible and adjustable - by removing tasks it can be customized to eliminate unneeded work and guide smaller business improvement projects.  If you need consistency, governance and reduced risk, ADDI is for you.


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BPM/BPMS Strategy and planning

Controlled meaningful change starts with business strategy.


A comprehensive, clear business strategy is the key to corporate optimization.  This business strategy can be used to define the operating strategy and the future state operating oucome from that strategy.  This is the foundation for defining volume estimated, quality needs, performance standards, business and IT capabilities and how change can give the company a competitive advantage.  This operating definition provides the contexty for creating a BPM/BPMS strategy that will help the company deliver the outcome operation defined in the future state operating definition.


This approach aligns business, IT and BPM/BPMS strategy and shows how all must change to deliver the needed business operation.


Through the innovative approached we have created based on experience, Wendan Consulting will put you on track to successfully achieve your company's long and short-term goals.


Our services at a glance:



  • Strategic alignment between business operations, IT, and business transformation
  • Business Process and workflow design
    • "As Is" modeling
    • "To Be" design and modeling
  • Business analysis - problems definition
  • Standards definition, analysis and formalization
  • Performance modeling and monitoring 
  • BPM/BPMS Center of Excellence planning, design, construction
  • Project planning, management and testing


We help you define and produce results.

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